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Car service certificate
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Car service certificate

Voluntary certificate confirming the high quality of vehicle repair and maintenance services. The certificate verifies compliance of the provided services with GOST (State Standards) requirements and RD.

The certificate can be issued for the maintenance of passenger cars, trucks, specialized equipment, buses, trolleybuses, and trams.



The work is carried out even with minimal information from the client.

iso9001 issuing

Quality Management System Certificate.

list of services

List of services specified in the certificate:

· Vehicle maintenance and repair services
· Diagnostic services
· Component replacement services
· Installation of additional equipment (alarms, radio equipment, extra lights, seat belts, seats, air conditioning, sunroofs, spoilers, electric doors, refrigeration equipment, etc.)
· Pre-sale preparation
· Warranty maintenance and repair
· Electrical equipment repair, including electrical work
· Tire repair, wheel balancing
· Body repair and related services (door repair, locks, windows, repainting, repair after damage)
· Tire mounting
· Repair of components and control units
· Repair of hydraulic equipment and hydraulic actuators for working mechanisms

This list can be supplemented with any other types of services. The document confirms the high qualifications of maintenance and repair specialists. It allows verifying the organization's excellent reputation when participating in tenders, commercial transactions, and in the company's marketing efforts. With the certificate, you gain a competitive advantage in the repair and maintenance market.

The certificate is valid for 3 years and is not subject to renewal; it must be reissued.

In addition to the Maintenance and Repair certificate, a Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001 certificate is also issued, confirming compliance with international standards in production. This is also a voluntary certificate, attesting to a high level of production, enhancing the company's reputation, and enabling entry into the international market.
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List of documents for A CAR SERVICE cerfificate

Company card
In any form, including the name of the legal entity, address, phone number, email, website, INN/KPP/OGRN/OKPO/OKVED, banking details, and the full name of the signatory.


statutory documents
Copies of INN, OGRN and Article of the AssociatIon.

service list
The list of services that need to be specified in the certificate.

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