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Preparation of test protocols for special-purpose vehicles, trailers, semitrailers and tires
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Testing laboratory mic center+

The accredited laboratory MIC Center+ conducts certification tests for vehicles, components, and tires to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulation TR CU No 018/2011.

Based on the conducted research, test reports are prepared, which serve as the basis for VTA, VDSC, declarations of conformity, and other documents required for certification.

During testing, product identification is performed, classification within specific categories and batches is determined, and compliance with the technical regulation and technical documentation is verified. Product characteristics are studied, and safety compliance is assessed.

Testig according to TR CU 018/2011

Turnkey testing, preparation of protocols.

Accredited laboratory

The latest measuring equipment. A wide range of research capabilities.

Test protocols

The result of the conducted research is a test protocol that includes:

  • Name and address of the laboratory
  • Name and address of the customer/manufacturer
  • Identification of the measurement method used
  • Description and identification of the product
  • Dates of product receipt and testing
  • Environmental conditions
  • Test results
The expert who performed the testing signs the protocol and assigns it a number. This completed document is then given to the customer and can be used as a starting point for further product certifications: VTA, VDSC, declarations of conformity.
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Certification body and testing laboratory are included in the National Part of the Unified Register for conformity of products to TR CU 018/2011
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