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documentation for vta/OTTS, VDSC

The MIC Center+ Certification Body has extensive experience in developing technical documentation: technical descriptions, user manuals, technical specifications.

With over 20 years of experience, we have accumulated a vast database of technical descriptions and drawings for a wide range of automobiles, trailers, chassis, and components. Therefore, creating any technical document from scratch with us will take a minimal amount of time, and the cost will be reasonable.


The work is carried out even with minimal information from the client.


Certified according to Technical Regulation TR CU 018/2011.


To obtain a WMI certificate, VTA, VDSC, certificate of compliance, declaration of compliance, separation list, or any other document, a technical description is required. Additionally, technical specifications, an operation manual, and detailed drawings are needed.

  • Technical description. It is the most demanded document at all stages of vehicle certification. It includes general data on weight and dimensions, engine, and body. It is mandatory for certification.

  • Technical specifications. This document is prepared in accordance with GOST requirements. It includes elements of technical description and drawings. It is mandatory for certification.

  • Operation manual. It describes the conditions for operating and storing the vehicle, reasons for possible malfunctions, and other information. It is a mandatory document when selling a vehicle.
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Certification body and testing laboratory are included in the National Part of the Unified Register for conformity of products to TR CU 018/2011
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Cost and timeline optimization

When developing documentation for similar modifications of vehicles, descriptions of the vehicles and components can be combined into a single document. However, each specific case should be considered separately because the development of technical documentation is regulated by GOST standards, which may permit or prohibit the consolidation of different vehicle modifications into a single document.

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