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COMPLIANCE with international standards

The ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate confirms the company's compliance with international standards in the field of quality for organizing production processes. The document has a validity period of 3 years and is required when obtaining certificates of compliance for vehicle components, declaration of compliance, WMI certificates, and other documents.

While the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) is a voluntary document and is not mandatory in all cases of product certification, it is recommended as an extra layer of assurance regarding the superior quality of the manufactured goods, along with test reports and technical documentation.


The cost and timeline for obtaining the certificate are influenced by the company's size, the quantity, and the quality of its production processes. For instance, a company can independently prepare for ISO 9001 certification and submit an application for document processing. In this case, the process may take several days. However, when starting from scratch, more time might be needed to align internal processes with international standards.

When analyzing production, the focus is placed on:

  • optimizing the distribution of tasks among staff
  • quality and speed of communication between employees
  • production quality control
  • employee commitment to maintaining a disciplined work ethic
  • continuous skill improvement
  • modern technologies
  • a well-established customer relationship management system
  • automation of internal processes

By obtaining ISO 9001 certification, a company modernizes its production, optimizes its management system, gains the ability to add additional product markings, participates in large tenders, qualifies for more favorable loans, enhances the company's reputation, improves production efficiency, reduces losses and enters the international market.


We will assist with certificate issuance at all stages of document preparation.


MIC Center+ holds an ISO 9001 certificate and we regularly update our database of regulatory documents.

The procedure for issuing iso 9001

1. application
Submission of an application for certification with the necessary technical documentation, along with the previously obtained certificate (if available).

2. Certification and check tests
Submitting an application for certification along with the required technical documentation, if a previously obtained certificate is available.

2. preparation of documents
The company's quality policy and its main objectives, quality management, criteria for assessing and selecting suppliers. QMS processes include internal audits, customer feedback handling, identification and labeling, supplier and procurement management, staff training and more.

3. documentation analysis
Assessment of the applicant's quality system, analysis of the documentation provided by the accredited center's staff, in case the documents are submitted by the applicant.

4. obtaining a certificate
Certificate issuance and entry into the unified registry.
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The application includes the manufacturer's name and contact information. You can send us an application in any form, then we will process it into the required format and send it for signature.

Company card
In any form, including the name of the legal entity, address, phone number, email, website, INN/KPP/OGRN/OKPO/OKVED, banking details, and the full name of the signatory.

statutory documents
Copies of INN, OGRN and the Articles of Association. Documentation for production areas: lease agreement, property ownership certificate. An organizational structure of the company.

Passport OF product
Product passport (if available) - a technical description indicating the purpose of the product, mass, and dimensional characteristics. You can send us the passport in any format, and we will process it into the required format.

Existing certificates of conformity for products, licenses, test protocols (if available).

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